kicking something/ over an obstacle , or a wall
The guard was mad that the kids poofed the soccer ball over the fence.
by Micalex March 11, 2019
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A poof is the buldge that you see in between a girls legs when she is wearing a skirt, that is caused by faulty landscaping. she does not shave her pubes.
This chick at school had a tooooootal poof going on it was nasty! She has alot of dark hair so you know its nasty down there.
by tannor October 6, 2011
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UK slang usually used to offend others, meaning someone of homosexual orientation
by Kidkoolio February 19, 2008
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a person who puts false meanings on this site. someone who uses it to compliment their girlfriends, or insult people. a person who has no real idea how words work. a person who is ruining this site.
Many people who use this site are poofs. Those who use it to add meanings to names, or the wrong ones to words.

Guy1: look. i put a funny meaning on this site. harharhar.
Dude1: no man; you're just a poof.
by 'anon' but spelt wrong... December 26, 2005
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To engage in the smoking of methamphetamine with a group of friends/and or bitches.
in the ghetto guys tell hookers " hey bitch, you gonna repay for that poof sesh now?"

bitches love poofin'

You gotta lick the tip before you get the sack.
by B.b Barbie August 28, 2013
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An acronym characterizing a person as a Pretty Outrageous Obvious Fag.
I was walking down the strret when i saw two Poofs walking in my direction.
by Kevin Wallace December 4, 2007
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Men who ride on the other bus. We regular take the normal bus whereas these ones take the OTHER bus.
Bobby: Hey jimmy! Where you going?

Jimmy: To the OTHER bus!

Bobby: WHat bus?

Jimmy: Where we get random objects shuved up our rectum!
by Jimjo March 14, 2005
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