UK term for a man who does not want another pint.
"Did you see Harry? Left with that male stripper from the Hen party over there and he didn't even finish his pint. What a poof!"
by Roger Mellie From The Telly April 19, 2009
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It looks like a deflating balloon. I just made my bitch queef then shortly after i poofed in her face. Being cool may lead to cronic poofinf disease. I just poofed.
by poof on me May 11, 2011
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A man who shaves his legs and chest
Re DT - girls shave you poof!
by Lizzy S May 29, 2009
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I need some poof poof. I want some poof poof. Lets go out and get some poof poof.
by WK poof poof committee October 29, 2008
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To have left without warning; vanished.

Used mostly in an online context when a friend stops talking without using an away message. Derived from the typical magic act of the magician dissapearing in a poof of smoke.
I was talking to Aiden on AIM when he just poofed for 20 minutes.
by pr0digy December 5, 2004
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Commonly referred to and highly mistaken as a "loofah". While lacking the signature extended handle, a "The Poof The Poof" is of a doily-ish design yet tends to hang on a looped rope.

A "The Poof The Poof" is intended for both the male and female gender, although it has been known to add a more feministic showering experience. (Refer to Mike Tyson testimonial)

It comes in all colors and sizes, yet it is recommended by top physicians to use the basic model. Too much "The Poof The Poof" has been known to cause showerial sensory overload.

ORIGIN: Term coined by an incredibly original young lady while trying to differentiate a "loofah" with "The Poof The Poof" to her mother in a remote northern Ontario city. Circa 2005-Present?
David: Alright, it's I wanna know, who the hell was using my loofah?

Amy: It's actually a "The Poof The Poof"...and it was me. Sorry.
by DPAAN April 14, 2010
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