swearing that what you're saying is the absolute truth. cannot lie when you poof someone.
by Lyndsay January 28, 2004
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A crazy fish that either disappears or blows up
This girl likes to poof in the middle of conversations
by Just_An_Apple August 12, 2019
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You're single.
Poof you're single.
by My yee 2 February 14, 2021
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When having sex a mans penis builds up a massive ass air bubble that comes out with the cum, and when released it makes a sound similair to a wet flagulent, like a queef.
"Holy hell man, i poofed on my girl last night" said Sid.

U fucking poofer.
by Robert Beyer August 2, 2006
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1: The sound the Fairly Oddparents make when they disappear and/or reappear

2: A crappy hairstyle that Snooki from Jersey Shore believed she had invented

3: A famous quote made by legendary YouTuber Markiplier "POOF!"
Timmy Turner: You guys had to poof off to Camp Happy Crownyville, while I got rained and volleyballed on!
by Metallicajunkie October 9, 2018
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to kick a ball over an obstacle
"Mom, I didn't mean to poof the ball over the fence."
by Micalex March 11, 2019
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