A homosexual, the poor man's term for homosexual. A word made famous and most commonly associated with Monty Python.
You great poof.

"Oh poof's not good enough for HIM, he has to be a bleeding FAIRY!"
by Jess October 20, 2003
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A derogatory term used to describe a homosexual originating from the sound of a homosexuals fart after anal sex.
"ooo, pardon me"
by .J.B. April 10, 2019
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Poof is a hair style that only looks good on Christina Grimmie and will never look bad on her ever!!
Girl:I just got my hair to have poof do you love it?
by Team Grimmie November 29, 2011
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Verb. to disappear from one location and then reappear in another. (poofed, poofing)
I was late for an appointment, so I had to poof there.
by Jo June 15, 2006
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To pass gas, or fart quietly. A lady-like fart.
by Moxie Girl September 21, 2007
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*seeing someone with a cloud by their butt in the winter* OMG did that guy poof?!?!?
by Binosbiwi January 12, 2009
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a verb that replaces virtually any verb, with a sexual inference.
Dude, I totally just poofed that guy over there.

Poofing is so much fun, I just want to do it all the time!

I like to poof little animals.
by a real ROCKN'ROLLA November 10, 2008
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