The best way to lose weight in 2016
Pokemon Go helps you get your ass of fthe couch and catch a damn pikachu
by Alomomola December 1, 2016
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The future of kidnapping, by bringing Pokemon to life. This app will probably be released somewhere in 2016. Also see Pokemon
Youngster: *looking for pokemon

Guy in a White Van: Hey kid, I will trade you a level 100 Mewtwo for level 3 Pidgey

Youngster: I love Pokemon GO
by Just a Pseudonym September 19, 2015
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I know many people who have always hated getting out of the house, but after downloading Pokemon GO, they're like, "HEY WANNA WALK TEN MILES I FOUND A PIDGY THERE."
by literallycoconuts July 16, 2016
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A game released in mid 2016, used to trick fat nerds into exercising by offering small virtual monsters called Pokemon also used to drain your money so you can buy virtual coins!
Misha: I play Pokemon go everyday, I play Pokemon G-

Rest Of the World: SHUT UP!
by DefinitionPotatoGuy39274846264 December 21, 2016
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A overrated game where you catch Pokemanz. You also GO get egged and get almost shot the shit out of by a jerk.
Pokemon GO sucks.
by Badcatalex July 18, 2016
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A new disease that started in July 2016 that is causing not only the youth but adults to take the streets, paths, and road to capture and find creatures known as Pokemon. It is ruining families, friendships, humanity. It is a application available on IOS or Android, and when you download it opens the app to techno music and allows you to create your trainer/character and then you meet a man who go's through a sequence of sentences and ask if you want to help him catch pokemon. Then when you say yes he puts three pokemon in front of you and you choose one and throw your pokeball at it. This addiction needs to stop now.
Hannah : "Hey Dylan! What did you do all summer?"
Dylan : "I lost twenty four pounds thanks to Pokemon GO"
Hannah : "Leave my house now, you're a disgrace."
by Hannah Wallace July 12, 2016
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An app that gets kids killed because they walk out on the street while a car is passing, searching for pokemon. And guess what? Boom their dead.

No, actually. This is the birth of the bet-yet-worst mobile app in 2016. First released in Japan, it has over 75 million downloads by estimate. Going to be the game that kills people. One story says that two kids, playing Pokemon GO! fell off a 80 ft cliff.

Pokeballs have reportedly been found on heavily guarded “shoot on sight” military bases in Australia.

Game that will lead to the most deaths due to a mobile game since Flappy Bird.
Dude 1: Dude! I just got this cool new game, Pokemon GO!
Dude 2: Uninstall that. It'll kill you.
Dude 1: No it won't.


Dude 1 (on phone talking to Dude 2, while playing Pokemon GO! on another phone.): Bro, I just found a Charizard near these trai- *crash*
Dude 2: DUDE!? DUDE!? WHERE ARE YOU? DUDE!? Oh shit he died! Pokemon GO is the death of us.
by RitoshiHusky July 27, 2016
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