As many of you know, Pokemon Go was released to the public not too long ago. This illness has had devastating affects on citizens, such as, walking around aimlessly like a demented zombie, disconnection from any contact whatsoever, and worse of all, looking like a total douche bag loser who should get a job at the grocery store instead of chasing around little fucking creatures that aren't actually there for a moments satisfaction. Please, if you know anybody who's fallen sick from this illness, do the humane thing, and put them down immediately.( As painful as possible)
" pokemon Go! is a gps accept with little creatures running around and nintendo's name on it, kinda like normal gps in japan"
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by Jxt2002 July 31, 2016
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A game that almost put or even put people's fucking lives at stake.

It is also a game not made for lazy people since you go into a lot of places like the bathroom or any fucking place imaginable.
Only die hard fans can complete this fuckin' mess
PokemonGo is a game
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by tailsDuck August 21, 2016
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the mobile game were people have been murdered by trains, shot and just go crazy for those pokemon
jimbob: hey lets play pokemon go
bobjim: ok lets go!
(2 hours later...)
vicar guy: we are here to remember bobjim, who died cos some asshole killed him during a catch of a ditto, rest in peace, bobjim, rest in peace...
by thisisaguywhoisdeadinside December 05, 2016
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A game were you basically pay to get hacked
You just got pokemon goed bro
by Poison53 January 25, 2018
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A once popular game, which is now no longer a trend.
Person 1: Hey, you wanna go play Pokémon Go?
Person 2: Dude, grow up, it’s 2017.
by Definitons_8890 June 17, 2017
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pokemon go is a dngerous game from the origin of pokemon to mortal disasters
pokemon go player: *walking on the street finding for pokemon, walking slowly*
person: OMG LOOK OUT!
pokemon go player: *is ok*
cars: *crashing to theirselves making a disaster*
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by luprusz November 11, 2016
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