A pokemon you probably had, or at least had another version of that pokemon.
"All pokemon versions have a different thing for pidgey, like sweelow in pokemon ruby"

"Oh I remember the first pokemon I caught on pokemon blue, it was a pidgey!"
by Darkmaniak March 15, 2009
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A retarded bird that you commonly find in Pokemon GO; Too common
Dammit there's too many Pidgeys around here!
by PhoenixD6 July 27, 2016
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A large, Brazillian prostitute. Often go by the name Samuel.
That Pidgey braided my chest hair a year and a half ago.
by Mistress_Me February 28, 2007
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the act of being a n00b and a dumbass at once
Bryce: Dude look at his downpipe

Mike: are you a fucking pidgey, thats his intake
by sick01cobra August 26, 2008
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one who is a noob and dumbass at the same time
B: Dude look at his downpipe

M: Are you a fuckin pidgey? Thats his intake.
by sick01cobra August 29, 2008
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Drunker than drunk; where unfunny is funny, unsexy is sexy, and the most excited of us pass the fuck out.
Man, I had to deal with some CRAZY customers this week -- I need to get Pidgey-Drunk tonight.
by EdJim February 12, 2010
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