A girl called Misha can be the one in a lifetime girl that can make the difference in your life. She is the type of girl that is enthusiastic about everything and always buzzing with life. Misha possess the cutest smile which instantly brightens up your day and makes you want to do something good. She can be the inspiration to anyone that crosses her path. Guys drop down to the floor as the girl of every man's dreams walks past. The greatest moments I have had in my life mostly involve her. I can't imagine a life without her. This is the cutest girl you can ever lay eyes on. If you date a Misha she will stick by your side at all time and is an understanding, caring, overall one heck of a girl.
Person A: is that perfect
Person B: why yes that's Misha holding some Salsa
by Chris.Watson ;) August 13, 2015
Is not always a Russian guys name. She has a very unique name and she is a very creative girl who just wishes a guy would cuddle her. She helps people with whatever they need even if they have hurt her. She can also be a very independent person because of her trust issues. When someone really hurts her it makes her want to be completely alone. Sometimes she can be shy. She doesn’t like to start conversations with strangers because she is afraid of just embarrassing herself. Her sense of fashion is great! If a clothing item doesn’t look right on her, she improvises and fixes it until it looks better. She knows what to pair each item of clothing with. She is very confident about her body. She knows that people see some of her body parts as her flaws but she doesn’t care. She embraces them. When a man comes into her life, she loves to play hard to get. She likes to see him get uncomfortable and fall at her feet instead of her falling at his feet. Misha is understanding and will be there for her friends and the person she loves always. She always stands up for the people she loves and loves to have their backs. She is a giver, not a taker.
Misha is so kind! She always has my back. Misha’s my best friend.
by Gabbb April 5, 2019
Truly an amazing friend. Has a very extroverted personality and has no trouble making friends with everyone he meets. Very sporty and very intelligent, the type of person everyone wishes they were. If you have a Misha or find one, never let them go, they will always be by your side.
That is the nicest guy I've ever met! He must be a Misha.
by CelestialDelta December 25, 2019
Misha is an Amazing, inspring Character. She possesses faultless Beauty and a truely electrifying personality. She touches the lives of every single person she comes in to contact with. She can only be described as some sort of exquisite gift. Anyone that has such Misha in their lives experiences a dreamlike, whimsical state when she comes around due to her pure perfection.
"wow this girl must be a misha, she's the definition of perfection"

"yumm yumm ... hubba hubbaa "

"I am in need of a Misha, and will search far and wide for one"
by MPGC January 10, 2011
Misha is the type of girl that you really just wanna spend your life with. Looking at a misha will make you instantly fall in love and head over heels. Getting a misha is like finding the krabby patty formula. Honestly if you ever find one of these rare misha like creatures you better cherish and protect it no matter what because its like a bottle of water.. once its gone. Its gone😂❤️
I love the way misha makes me feel😩❤️
by Beemerbam October 19, 2019
Misha is absolutely stunning. Rare beauty who is both cute and sexy at the same time.
Feminine. Affectionate. Knows her worth and only rides with the best.
Her lips and eyes are her best featureless. A sensual vibe about her with an hour glass figure.

Most females envy her. Every man wants her but she is picky and only invests her time with quality people.

She is fun to be around and it is always a good time with Misha.
My perfect girl would be misha.
by Bigballerrrrrrrr February 13, 2017
Misha is a blue pig who has a crown like Technoblade.
He died on December 20th due to Khallil eating him.
Jaro: Hey, have you seen Misha?

Armand: He got eaten by Khallil D:

Khallil: meow meow meow
by Jesse van der Dijk April 22, 2022