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A male slut
Damn...he's a starboy...
by Alomomola December 12, 2016

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The best way to lose weight in 2016
Pokemon Go helps you get your ass of fthe couch and catch a damn pikachu
by Alomomola December 01, 2016

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Great or Good time for omelettes, olives, or any food that starts with O
Mom: Kids! Gtfo!

Kids: OKIE *jumps out window*
by Alomomola December 12, 2016

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1) A snake trying to eat itself
2) Easiest rape victim
Poor replay button....
by Alomomola November 27, 2016

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A female equivalent of "jack off"
Put a finger down if you ever jacked off or flickered in class.
by Alomomola September 07, 2020

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When someone roasts you so hard and you have no more comebacks.
"Remember that dude on a roast streak? Yeah that girl really burnt his ass"
by Alomomola July 07, 2017

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