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The future of kidnapping, by bringing Pokemon to life. This app will probably be released somewhere in 2016. Also see Pokemon
Youngster: *looking for pokemon

Guy in a White Van: Hey kid, I will trade you a level 100 Mewtwo for level 3 Pidgey

Youngster: I love Pokemon GO
by Just a Pseudonym November 02, 2015
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The best exercise app ever. It gets people off their lazy asses so they can go outside. While the app has its faults, it is a very fun app.
Pokemon Go helped me get some good exercise. I even found an Onix!
by whatadickhead August 02, 2016
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A recent epidemic starting in July of 2016. This bug has caused thousands of people, young and old, to take to the streets in search of creatures which are not truly there.

Pokémon GO offers the opportunity to feed a power and control addiction by paying prices of anywhere between $2 to $200 to receive mysterious, back-street items; such items cause these Pokémon to appear more frequently. Encounters with said creatures are noted to cause angst and excitement among those infected.
I would write more, but I am about to level-up in Pokémon GO!
by PKJain July 10, 2016
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The reason why gamer nerds will get exposure to the needed sunlight much more often than usual. It will also contribute in fixing their muscle imbalance as before the game was released only the muscles of the hand were in proper workout (due to both intense gaming and masturbating sessions for known reasons).Despite such acclaimed advantages , they are doomed to more disadvantages which of course they won't consider it like that. As if the virtualization of their own rooms wasn't enough to damage their brains, now they have the ability to virtualize the strange and scary outer world. When you encounter them on the streets you will be amazed that they possess more knowledge than your recently updated google maps causing more suffering to your non-nerd soul.Number of casualties that are hit by a car, bitten by stray dogs or/and raped in a nearby shrub will increase dramatically.
Oh shit dude I think I will have a Pokemon paranoia until the hype of Pokemon Go is gone in around 8 months.
by 1Davex1 July 16, 2016
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An app where you can catch pokemon in your neighbors backyard, lure kids with a lure module into your van, or get lost in the woods. The game play is primarily 10% "catch em' all" and 90% "Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later."
(Pokemon Go in a nutshell)
Player: "WOW, there's a crowbat in my backyard and I'm going to catch it!
Player attempts to catch it
Battle is interupted
Screen says, "Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later."
Player: KMS
via giphy
by Fuzzu Sonicu July 11, 2016
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Nintendo's attempt to get their fans to exercise, socialize, and improve overall mental health. All while catching Pokemon.
I'm Pokemon Go-ing!

Me too!
by Pupper Lord July 27, 2016
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