(N.) A Game and an Anime that has been made popular by millions of kids. The Game itself, isn't too bad since they're so many Pokemon and so many different combinations of raising them and using them, whether it be the six Pokemon lineup or Moves they they have.
The Show however, is the reason it has a kiddie reputation and is hated by most people. I don't blame most people when they say they hate Pokemon, cause the show makes them say all of that. If they tried the game, they might've thought otherwise.
Still though, the many different games that come out aren't that nessacary. If you played one, you've played them all. I used to be really into Pokemon in middle school, and played it all the time, but knew better than to buy EVERY single different version and waste my money like that. Also avoided the Card Game.
There is now about eight (with nine coming soon) different Main Pokemon games and about 400 Pokemon in all. If they had avoided the awful Anime, merchandise, and side project crap, more people might now actually be still intrested in it and not just wish them all to die. All of that Commerical crap ruined what used to be a great and complex game.
by G-Union October 14, 2003
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a pretty cool video game with a pretty shitty anime to go with it...
Wanna come to my house and play me at "Pokémon Colosseum"?
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Created by Satoshi Tajiri in February 1995, this Japanese phenomenon is globally popular. Also known outside Asia as Pokémon. There are 388 species currently known as of 2005. And there are currently 8 movies, 22 Hosou specials and over 400 episodes of the Pokémon anime aired.

The Pocket Monsters Anime is widely known for its general audience in Asia. Outside of Asia it is known as a 'Cartoon' series that targets the younger viewers because 4Kids Entertainment constantly eliminates the language in the script, mainly resulting in inconclusive and lightly emotional stories.

The Pocket Monsters GameBoy Series are based on Satoshi's adventures and are mainly plans to lay out for the next season in the Anime series. The games are very complex in nature and attract many people.

Pocket Monsters, in general, has been deemed childish in many countries especially America. Due to 4Kids Entertainment's editing, Pocket Monsters is a dying fad.
Pocket Monsters is more widely known as Pokémon
by Kitoshi March 23, 2006
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General: A video game series by Nintendo and game freak originally on the game boy, it has gotten newer games on the GB color, advance, DS and 3ds, with remakes of red, green/blue, gold and silver. It puts the player in a world inhabited by humans and creatures known as Pokemon, which the player can catch, battle with other NPC/player trainers, and level up. As Pokemon level up, they become stronger and gain new abilities as well as evolve into a stronger version of that Pokemon species. There are currently (as of x and y) 718 different species of Pokemon, some rarer to find than others.

Plot: the Pokemon games start out with the player choosing their name and gender, and put into their hometown. (oddly, its always the only town in the entire region that doesn't have a Pokemon center or gym, but has the regional professor) They are then given a choice between three Pokemon, a fire, water, and grass type, the players rival takes the one that is stronger than the player's choice. The player is then set loose into the world (each game is set in a different region, kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh, unova and kalos) where they must challenge the eight gyms and disrupt the plans of an evil organization. They then challenge the elite four and the champion, if they are successful, the player wins the game and is free to do as they please from then on.

It also has an anime and a card game.
Joe: duuuude, did you get the new Pokémon?
Ana: Of course I did! And don't call me dude.
Joe: let's battle then!
by kirby9006 November 25, 2013
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By far one of the most known video games in existence, beloved by nearly everyone, it also has a anime series that is quite exceptionally pretty damn awesome
Dude 1: hey do you play Pokémon?
Dude 2: what’s Pokémon?
Dude 1:*calls someone on his phone and starts speaking Japanese*
Dude 1:oh don’t worry that was nothing
Dude 1’s phone rings
Dude 1:oh sorry man here’s my location, no problem Obama!
Dude 2:Obama?
Obama: *hops down from the sky* I think it’s time for an ass beating
Miyamoto:*also hops down from the sky* ‘Japan noises’
Dude 2: ahh shit
by V1nn7 February 8, 2021
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a series of Japanese video games and related media such as trading cards and television programs, featuring cartoon monsters that are captured by players and trained to battle each other.
if you grew up in the '90s you'll remember spending all your time playing Pokémon
by random_boiz October 31, 2020
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Pokémoning (also spelled "Pokemoning" without an accented e) is the act of dating multiple partners in order to collectively obtain all the desired traits that likely can't exist in a single woman or man. Named so because you "Gotta Catch 'Em All."
Woman 1: "Okay, there's my Sex Idiot, my Great Head of Hair, my Money Guy, my Dirty Hippie Hipster, my Guy To Piss Off My Parents/Black Guy, and then, there's my Old Fart."
Woman 2: "Hey, are you Pokémoning?"
Woman 1: "Yeah, but my Old Fart calls it 'Great-Escaping.' But I guess there's some advantages to having an aging Squirtle around. Like, he shows me how old people used to dance, for instance."
Woman 2: "Cool!"
by M.Powell. October 19, 2012
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