15 definitions by random_boiz

qwerty keyboards are better than Dvorak keyboards
by random_boiz September 30, 2020
the perfect word for the ad below
get a stupid mug for yo mama bob
by random_boiz November 2, 2020
pneu mono ultra microscopic silico volcano coniosis
noo muh now uhl truh mai kruh skaa puhk si luh kow vaal kei now kow nee ow suhs
pneu mo no ul tra mi cro sco pic si li co vol ca no co ni o sis
by random_boiz October 25, 2020
Man, did you buy Brave Valkyrie Ev' 2A?
Nah it was too expensive
by random_boiz October 26, 2020
a series of Japanese video games and related media such as trading cards and television programs, featuring cartoon monsters that are captured by players and trained to battle each other.
if you grew up in the '90s you'll remember spending all your time playing Pokémon
by random_boiz October 31, 2020
yo! is that spriggan, longinus, and valkyrie?
:-O wow ur so rich
by random_boiz November 19, 2020