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Ana is a very caring friend. She is always there for you and you can trust her with your life. She is the most incredible person you'll ever meet ans she is also very funny. She has a childish style that will cheer you up whenever you feel bad. Ana is a sensitive and very beautiful girl. She is always full of joy and ready for a new day. She is just charming!!!!❤️❤️
She is the most wonderful friend someone can dream of and she MUST know that she is very loved by her best friend.
Ana Bananna🍌
by Lifey April 14, 2015
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A girl who doesn't believe in herself but tried her hardest to make others happy. She always puts on a face smile for those around her. They don't know her true feeling. She keeps to herself. Has that one friend that she trusts with everything and it would crush her if she lost them. She has a strong heart and a sharp mind but scared to show it. She calls herself ugly bit others see her beauty. Regents any compliments she gets because she doesn't believe them. She is a shy girl and scared to go out of her comfort zone. She will make you think that your not the only one stRuggles
She is such an Ana of a friend
by theunknownchick January 15, 2015
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This is the epitome of the perfect girl. Every moment you spend with her will remain etched in your memory. You will have a great day just by saying hello to her! x) She's a friend of gold on who you can always count on. She is always there if you are in need and will every time ascend your moral! She puts heart into her work and gives it completely! She believe sometimes that she won't happen to achieve its goal, but it is only because she forgets that she is talented and smart! She's a totally charming, beautiful and amazing woman. But be careful not to manhandle her feelings and treat her like a princess! Must bring her love and not lie to her! If you ever have the chance to have Ana as a friend, you can be sure she will bring you happiness and joy in your life!
person1: I have a friend unbelievable, she's really perfect, guess her name!
person2: Ana!
by Little sister September 16, 2012
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A beautiful girl that will care and make others smile; a girl who will not let anyone down in her life. She is a hard working, happy, sweet, incredible girl.
"Hey, do you know who that girl is? She seems really nice!"

"That's Ana, she is an awesome girl to hang out with!"
by Bananagirl October 29, 2013
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An extremely short and cute species of female. She’s never sure of what she wants. There aren’t many important people in her life but she does cherish the ones that are. She gets attached easily but can get over a guy in a few weeks. Can be wierd sometimes but you still love her. If you treat an ana badly you will probably get screwed over. If you were to be an anas friend she would probably run with you when you run away. Do not take Anas lighthearted they could be breaking down inside and you not knowing. Something like a goddess on earth.
1.Guy 1: Dude, that girl was freaking awesome!

Guy 2: Yeah, um, no shit.

Guy 1: …

Guy 2: She’s an Ana.

Guy 1: Ohhhhhh. *wave of understanding*

2.“An ana is happy outside but damaged in.”
by Crystopher October 07, 2012
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The 'Ana' are a strong and stubborn species of female. They tend to be good friends with the "smart" and "real" species. They hate "brown noses" and "ass kissers".

They often go against what does not make sense and will fight for what is fair.

The 'Ana is very frank and would always tell you what you're doing wrong to your face.

A woman that possesses Mother Earth powers of nurturing and cooking, she is also a very emotional and passionate being.
Girl 1: Hey, who's that?
Guy 2: Who?
Girl 1: The only female there who makes sense.
Guy 2: Oh, her?
Girl 1: Yeah, her.
Guy 2: She's Ana.
Girl 1: Ohhhhhh. *wave of understanding*
by 1stsmartypants April 19, 2011
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