Created by Satoshi Tajiri in February 1995, this Japanese phenomenon is globally popular. Also known outside Asia as Pokémon. There are 388 species currently known as of 2005. And there are currently 8 movies, 22 Hosou specials and over 400 episodes of the Pokémon anime aired.

The Pocket Monsters Anime is widely known for its general audience in Asia. Outside of Asia it is known as a 'Cartoon' series that targets the younger viewers because 4Kids Entertainment constantly eliminates the language in the script, mainly resulting in inconclusive and lightly emotional stories.

The Pocket Monsters GameBoy Series are based on Satoshi's adventures and are mainly plans to lay out for the next season in the Anime series. The games are very complex in nature and attract many people.

Pocket Monsters, in general, has been deemed childish in many countries especially America. Due to 4Kids Entertainment's editing, Pocket Monsters is a dying fad.
Pocket Monsters is more widely known as Pokémon.
by Kitoshi March 23, 2006
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A gun that fits in your pocket..non visible so if you anit strapped don't go actin hard because you never know your enemy might have a pocket pistol.
gun sound like rocket launcher i got gun its a pocket monster
by Lingoelnino December 3, 2009
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The original name of Pokemon. When translated from the Japanese word it translates to pocket monster.
1) "Hey whats a pocket monster?"
"All Pokemon"
by a damn emo kid. ok? May 5, 2009
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An amusing alternative to overused phallic terminology such as 'dick'.
"Quit training your pocket monster and get back on the sales floor!"
by Sheeberweeber October 20, 2011
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when someone gets jerked off through their pocket on the dance floor and goo's in their pants.
GOOOOO!! that pocket monster at homecoming junior year totally sealed my phone shut
by pondolaxhoney May 6, 2009
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A suggested or reduced version of another, well-known or infamous; one whose actions or behavior suggests a reference to another person; to be combined with the completing reference; derogatory. (NOTE: some individuals, i.e. Linda Hunt, cannot be pocket monsters, as they already are; redundant).
The flight attendant went through the cabin barking out orders and smashing trays about, turning into a pocket-monster Kathy Bates from MISERY at 30,000.
by Guillermo April 1, 2004
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