Delicious and addictive (yet overrated) snackfood. Primary source of food for obsessed anime nerds, especially at anime conventions (places you probably will want to avoid at all costs). Green tea Pocky isn't bad.
"I bought four boxes of Pocky a while ago, and everyone around me ate it. Aww."
by crono June 29, 2003
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delcious japanese snack that cost 99 cent at an chau or some other oriental stores but is outrageously overpriced at american stores.
Person: How much is the pocky?
An Chau Cashier: nine nine cent

Person: How much is the pocky?
American Store Cashier: two dollars. If you buy 2 packs its 5.
by v i e t n a m e s e December 26, 2005
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1. An overpriced Japanese snack, consumed mostly by Anime Lovers.
2. An addictive form of Japanese "crack" (or what they call "chocolate") on a biscuit/pretzel stick.
1. Man I only spent $200 on this box of pocky!! THIS IS FRIGGIN AWESOME!
2. Dude, you got the "pocky"?
by akumu December 19, 2005
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Japanese biscuit sticks covered in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, or other varieties of flavors. It's OK, but really overrated because of the high price. Often eaten by Asians, the Wapanese, and Asian obsessed middle schoolers. If you like Japanese treats, you should try Hello Panda. It taste much better than Pocky and is less well known.
Asian Obsessed Middle Schooler: OMG! I have Pocky! Yay!
Wapanese: Woah. That stuff is sooo addictive!
Actual Asian: Asian wannabe noobs
by michellesaysrawr January 15, 2011
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A Glico product from Japan that's a biscuit stick covered in fudge, sometimes with candy peices added. Some may say it's over-rated, but they don't eat more than one stick. ^.^

Rare to find in America, except for Anime conventions, select Wal-Marts, rarely-found Oriental markets, and eBay. If you're not big on Anime, and afraid to go to the Oriental market, but like the taste, try eBay, as they don't exercise slave labor, and have the cheapest prices just a click away.

The cost for a two-pack of Chocolate Pocky is just about the same as a regular Hershey bar, give or take 20 cents, depending where you go.
I didn't understand the hype of Pocky until I eBayed some. It's really good!
by teh ebil ducky September 30, 2006
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You paid 5$ for that pocky i get it for under 100 Yen.
by PepperED December 10, 2006
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Pocky sticks are Japanese breadsticks covered in a tasty almost-chocolate coating. Popular with Wapanese in the west, as well as anime Otaku and guys out to impress Japanese girls. (It doesn't work, incidentally)

There are all kinds of pocky variants including savoury versions and the amusingly named White Lolita - giant Pocky with white chocolate.
Did you see the way that fat fuck anime nerd downed that pocky stick?
by Miles Pieri February 02, 2004
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