A person who's black on the outside but yellow on the inside.

Black people who go to anime conventions and can speak Japanese or can any number of Asian languages.
Person A: "i meet this pocky last week at the con dressed as Kakashi."
Person B: "I think I know who you're talking about. he was blackuyasha last time."
by CZER27 April 25, 2010
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Biscut sticks, covered in whatever the manufacturer could find. Comes in many flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, almond crunch, men (What is that anyways?), and green tea.

YAY Biscut sitcks!
Decor Pocky is like
Price: 99 cents, 1 pack
1.99 two pack
2.49 special pack
9.99 giant pack

Decor Pocky is like a decoration cake on a stick
by Udon July 25, 2005
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Chocolate-covered sex on a stick. Mmmm...
Oh baby, that pocky is sweeeeeeeeeet...
by bananaboy April 07, 2006
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A cookie stick topped with different flavors (such as strawberry, chocolate, or vanillia). May or may not be better than a Nestle snack, but that doesn't matter, since anyone in their right minds should be boycotting Nestle anyway.

Pocky: A fun snack, and is only the primary source of food for anime fans at conventions, because that's the only thing the vendors sell besides Ramune.
Jasmine, Mandii, and Maurice did the wiggle for some free pocky at A-kon.
by Mimi December 03, 2003
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Disgusting chocolate/strawberry sawdust on a stick, another byproduct of Japanese ingenuity and efficiency.

Hoarded widely by wapanese and asiaphiles.

Note: In approximately 2.857 seconds following the posting of this definition, a lynch mob of pasty white men would have assembled before my door in retaliation for my "treasonous assault" on "my" own race, for they cannot distinguish the differences between me, and other members of the so called "genetically superior asian supermen".
Japanese Pocko Executive: Johnno Armostrongo-San, what do we do with all this extra leftover sawdust from the logging ventures in China?

John Armstrong: Just condense it into chocolato-flavored twigos and sell it to the stupido Americanos.

Japanese Pocko Executive: Hahaha! You very smarto Armostrongo-San!

Meanwhile, back in a "Emerika" Ranch 99 Supermarket (the best place for imported asian goods)...

Wapanese: Nacho-Jizz flavored Pocky. Liek, OMG, !!!!111221111!!!??!!! SQUEEEE!

Japanese native (visitor to America): Kowaii baka... *shakes head*.
by Chang Tan March 03, 2005
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Jesus on a stick. Pocky is a confectionary treat created to enslave the world with delicious treats. Pocky comes in a wide variety of flavors, including, but not limited by, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Milk, Green Tea, Saki, Strawberry, and many more. Anyone who dislikes Pocky loses the respect of hundreds of millions of people.
Mom! I just saw Jesus and his name is Pocky!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jesus-Juice May 01, 2008
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Overrated Japanese candy for tiny Japanese appetites. These people should just get a big bar of hershey milk chocolate for a dollar, but no, because that's too easily commonly available and isn't SPECIAL and JAPANESE. The only reason they like Pocky is because it's Japanese, and they trick themselves into thinking it somehow tastes better or is superior to Hershey, even though it's not.

Most of the people who eat this stuff are fat wannabe-Japanese people (see wapanese, which applies to other races than caucasians), and the pocky does not satisfy their big American appetites, so they buy like, 5 packs of it, for 10 dollars, which is the ultimate frivolous waste of money.
Wapanese Otaku: "Oshi desu!! Pocky, how kawaii!" *throws $5 at man for 2-pack*

Other guy: *Looks on with 89 cent 2-pack of Pepero* "Idiot."

Normal person: *Looks on with a 50 cent 1.55 oz hershey bar* "You people are fucking losers."
by Arch0wl August 08, 2005
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