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The most accurate representation of God. A Gundam is a kick ass robot that will blow you apart before you can say "Oh (enter word here)" and is probably your father because it had your mom in many ways.
Guy: Dude I just finished my Gundam model!
Other Guy: *punches Guy and runs off with his model*
Another Guy: *punches Other Guy and runs off with the model*
Huge Mob: *jumps Another Guy and starts fighting over the model*
by Jesus-Juice May 01, 2008

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A Wapanese is a person (generally caucasian but includes other races, excluding aznz) that tries to act Japanese. These people generally add their very small Japanese vocabulary to English sentances. However, someone who can hold an entire conversation in Japanese while still speaking in English is not Wapanese.

Additionally a Wapanese (usually females) try to dress in Japanese Formal Wear (Lolicon and Kimonoes) in the wrong season/situation and typically phail horribly even when worn in the proper time. There are very few people not of Japanese origin that can pull off Lolicon and wearing a Kimono, therefor it is not recommended for anyone not of Japanese origin to try it.

Also, anyone who tries to be a know-it-all about Japanese history and culture because they saw a few things in an Anime is in fact ALSO a Wapanese. A person who actually takes the time to read history books and actually STUDY (holy crap, a term most Wapanese have never heard of before) Japanese history and culture is not a Wapanese.

Finally, anyone who often uses Chopsticks on "just anything" and think they can use actual Azn weapons even though they have never touched an actual Japanese made weapon is considered a Wapanese. However, someone who uses Chopsticks only on food that was MEANT for Chopsticks is not a Wapanese and someone who has actually learned how to use a Japanese weapon from an actual Japanese person is not a Wapanese. (Go to Youtube and type in "How Aznz use Chopsticks" Have a Nice Day =D )

For further questions, ask my friend "Kuro." an ACTUAL AZN ;D

Also all use of "AZN" was instituted by Kuro.
Retarded Wapanese: OMG Josh is so Kawaii, I wanna date him.
Actual Azn: *stabs Retarded Wapanese* NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!

Retarded Wapanese: OMG look at my cool Lolita Clothes! I look so hot!
Another Retarded Wapanese: OMG look at my Kawaii Kimono!
Actual Azn: *shoots them both* Do... not... do it... again...

Retarded Wapanese: OMG the Tokugawa's are such fags, they ruined everything!
Actual Azn: *throws Japanese history book at Wapanese* Read an actual History Book! Not Samurai Deeper Kyo!

Retarded Wapanese: I'll kill everyone with my awesome Katana!
Actual Azn: *takes the katana and snaps it over his knee* Buy one that costs more than $20 next time.

Retarded Wapanese: OMG I'm soooo good with Chopsticks, I use them to eat all of my food!
Actual Azn: *takes Chopsticks and stabs Wapanese in the eye* Only use Chopsticks on food that was meant for them!
by Jesus-Juice May 05, 2008

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Jesus on a stick. Pocky is a confectionary treat created to enslave the world with delicious treats. Pocky comes in a wide variety of flavors, including, but not limited by, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Milk, Green Tea, Saki, Strawberry, and many more. Anyone who dislikes Pocky loses the respect of hundreds of millions of people.
Mom! I just saw Jesus and his name is Pocky!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jesus-Juice May 01, 2008

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