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She is the most independent, free spirited bitch there is. A heartbreaker and not afraid to say GOODBYE! She’s got the lightly hero spirit, and very impulsive, with killer hot body. She does not hide herself, rich in content, anything can be eloquent. Furthermore, she has got the personality of a laid back, enjoyable and very cheerful person! To top it off she is smart and has literary talents, love to sing and loves to dance. She can really attract people, and will use her irresistible eyes if needed.

saki, just as hypnotic as the drink – love her”
by DigitalBabe94559 July 26, 2012
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White trash, ignorant translation of sake, a Japanese acholic beverage made from fermented rice.
Sake - not Saki
by Minium January 29, 2004
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(verb) a word to describe a major screw up, usually used in past tense of 'saki-ed'
Student 1: I saki-ed. D:
Student 2: What's wrong? What did you do?
Student 1: I forgot that there is chemistry midterm tonight and totally forgot to study for it.
by your best friend. <3 February 19, 2012
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Saki is a japanese name for a greek child.
Saki is eight years old. He is also greek.
by Mikal S. May 08, 2005
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A common English misspelling of the Japanese alcoholic beverage, "sake," made with fermented rice. Also known as "rice-wine."
We should go to the Japanese grill and order some sake. (not saki)
by RepealIgnorance July 11, 2013
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