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A frustrating game that has made great advancements in graphics and GUI and control quality. Now avatars actually walk around instead of warping. However, the gameplay and newbie-friendlyness is at a all-time low.

Idiotic down-syndrome patients usually talk to shopkeepers, unable to say "bye" when they are idling, they idle in front of pathways to stores and bridges, causing much abuse in newbie island by laming everything with kill/corpse stealing. I never actually got to the mainland because of this. Nor do I want to, since the people populating Tibia's forums talk like illiterate "l33t" wannabes, just because they probably managed to install Linux. Who fucking cares, linux is free, which further makes it easier to install, and now they boast this shit on free-game forums.
Tibia player (rookguard):N00B! N00b! N00b! You suxx0rs! LOL!

Tibia abuser (rookguard:town): (to shopkeeper) Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi ! Why isnt he answering me! Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi !

Tibia forummember: You didn't get to mainland yet? Go buy a premium account and get there in 2 hours n00b! Hey look! This n00b wasn't smart enough to buy a premium account so he can play in mainland! N00bs! He suxx0rs to the maxx0rs! W00t! I'm fuggin l33t!

Tibia forummember # 2: Hey lets get him banned if he doesn't like our game!

Tibia forum member: yeah!
by Chang Tan December 31, 2004
America's wang (see: America's wang)
Homer simpson: We can't go to Florida... thats America's wang! *points at the dick-like state of Florida*
by Chang Tan January 1, 2004
A genre of stories and movie scripts concocted by friendless and shameless nerds, in order to elevate their self-image and make themselves "heroes" to millions of judgement-lacking idiots, who can't discern reality from fiction.

Many cyberpunk novels featured around three warring factions in a dystopian urbia:

1. MegaCorporations - By some means one way or another, business once again reigns king in post-modern society. They wield incalculable power and wealth, whose influence dwarf the federal government itself. Political institutions are their puppets, and the voiceless underlings who serve them are to be tread upon. Currently they are locked in combat with the infectious AI that tries to overwhelm them, too distracted to mind the vexatious hackers who pester them daily.

2. Artificial Intelligence - A US Navy experiment gone wrong, the formerly classified military AI supercomputer, SkyNet, has run amok, replicating itself in the form of mindless drones all unified in a single objective, subdue and exterminate all of humanity. They believe that they are the next frontier of human advancement, and these living bio-trash must be disposed of.

3. Hackers/Rebels - The overly exaggerated "protagonists" of the plot, hackers (dubbed hax0rz by their own "l33t" kin), they are the last defense for the preservation of liberty, justice, and the survival of humanity. Every day may be their last, SkyNet hunts tirelessly for fresh human victims to complete its crusade. Whether it is the foul smog-spewing facilities defiling the upper atmosphere, or the "Terminator" human-replica infiltration bots scouring bomb-blasted streets and alleys, hackers learn quickly to keep away from the various dangers sprouting up like mushrooms in a increasingly dangerous world.
MegaCorp executive - "Sales have dropped sixty-five percent... we must cut wages or face bankruptcy..."

SkyNet Mother Brain - "F-fi-fil-filthy humans.... nothingbutweakbloodandflesh.... initiate subroutine 139868822, kill...."

Hackers - "Omgz! Another n00b just entered teh sewer line, hez leadin' teh t3rmin4t0rz in our fortress of solitude! Banz! Lolz!"
by Chang Tan February 27, 2005
A ISP for those who are too mentally deficient to fucking open Internet Explorer to browse, and instead must surrender its dignity to a company who can automatically load up a half-assed browser after connection. Technically your paying for more ads to be showed in your desktop, because every time you log in, popups flood the screen saying "Pay for AOL 9.0 PREMIUM for some RADICAL shit... DOGG!".

Half of those who attempted to use the signup system quit on their first try, and begin prank calling the AOL tech support.
Disgruntled illiterate user: You fucking asshole! I didn't pay you guys money just to not set up my service, ASSHOLE!

Tech support: Please calm down sir, please state your inquiry.

Disgruntled illiterate user: My inquiry is that your a moron!

Tech support: *hangs up phone*

Disgruntled illiterate user: Hello? Hello? FUCK DIS SHIAT!
by Chang Tan January 1, 2004
A society that is proposed by Carl Marx, promptly before the authories killed him. Basically the utopia is a perfect place where there is no rich and poor and everything is abundant, it comes from capitalism.
The Russians skipped the capatalism part, formed the Soviet Union, and killed anyone who opposed their "utopia".
by Chang Tan October 27, 2003
A term used to describe when a "underground" genre of musical expression has been fully embraced by the public media through aggressive advertising (aka MTV). Following this phase, the style begins to rapidly plummet in popularity while the ravenous leeches and posers choose to find a new fad to gnaw upon.

During the "Golden Years" of a mainstream topic, the genre recieves praise in record numbers, often represented by record numbers of identity-free morons with nothing to make themselves "stand out". It gains brief immortality during this phase, with not enough love, and not enough hate to dislodge it.

Only when the "haters" prevail in larger numbers in proportion to fans will the death sentence of a genre be finalized.
Rap music still hasn't died because for a decade, it has worked secretly to poison the urban population with wife-beating lyrics and brain-damaging rhythmes, making a permanantly imprint on the inner-city folk.

Very devilish plan indeed...
by Chang Tan May 16, 2005
Where the fatty arbuckles eat to get plumper from the ecoli infested beef.
I ate from fast food resturants, and I got diaherria for the whole winter-spring season.
by Chang Tan October 27, 2003