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Usually in first person shooters and RPGs, when game developers think a weapon is far too powerful, and threatens the stability of the game, and weakens the aspects of that power drmatically to rebalance it.
When diablo 2 came out, everyone played either a necromancer or a barbarian. Now necromancers is nerfed to a point where its intolerably difficult to duel against other players without people just dodging your summoned minions and shove a axe into your face.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
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A operating system whose only superiorities versus Windows is its server stability and ability to be altered by its code, because its open-source software. Windows cannot be altered like this because learning C++, then butchering Window's code is illegal.

Windows is used by a common computer user who has no interest in running gaming/website servers or being a programmer. Windows is much more compatible, almost everything except Unix/Mac software. Windows is also made by capitalist pigs governed by a monsterous irresponsible behemoth called Bill Gates who failed to completely debug its software in the first place and only does something when somebody personally mails him a death threat.
The linuxers program, and the Windowers use. Enough said. Maccers, I don't know, don't care, only Space Command units use them for their ability to do math better than our common shit PCs.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
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Where the fatty arbuckles eat to get plumper from the ecoli infested beef.
I ate from fast food resturants, and I got diaherria for the whole winter-spring season.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
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The "I wish I was Japense fanclub". It features several main characters:

Piro - The webmaster, artist, and main character of the comic. He is portrayed as a innocent pansy nerd, with a kink for Japanese girls and a obsessive sock fetish. Thankfully, his wussiness has restrained him from several potential scenes of rape throughout the comic, thus keeping the material clean for all readers.

Largo - Stereotypical gamer and avid comptuer overclocker, babbles in nonsensical "l33tsp33k", and due to his constant binging, has incredible resistance to physical punishment, which aids him well in his quest to purge all of Japan of "zombies", possibly a fabrication of his manic America Versus Japan culture clashing.

"The Queen" - Archnemesis of Largo, she posesses formidable skills in gaming, rivaling the disillusioned yankee himself. Intrigued by Largo's stubborness to cling onto his assinine beliefs, much of her story involves a complex silent-romance between her and the unwary Largo.

Hayasaka-San - One of the first friends Piro makes in Japan, she works in a game shop downtown. She keeps to herself about her personal life, and fends off sexual predators with voracious ferocity.

Generic Schoolwhore - A teenager of 16, she too has a crush with Piro, and with the pressure of her two bimbo peers, is forced into a shakey relationship with the reclusive twigboy.
Piro - "Oh my god, I'm so stupid! I should have got her drunk and pinned her down to the floor at the bar and had my way with her. But nooo... I wussed out. Stupid! Stupid! STUPID! Time to drown my sorrows with another drawing of sad girls in snow..."

Largo - "OMGz! U teh fag0rt! I teh l33t mast0rz! Git off me l33t n3tw0rk n0de u teh n00b!"

"The Queen" - "Dark, blackness, consuming me, tearing me up from the inside, can't endure for much longer.... tendrils fingering my asshole.... my sanity is about to crack.... death, darkness, destruction...."

Hayasaka-San - "Get any closer to me and i'll break your other arm!"

Generic Schoolwhore - "Kawaii! Oh my god, your so cute! Cutey Cutey Cutey ^-^! Hey handsome, how about a appointment in my apartment at 1908 Hawasaka Avenue, i'll be dressing in that outfit you like.... meet me at 9:00 sharp, and dress SEXY!"
by Chang Tan February 26, 2005
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The opposing party after the Russian Revolution who battled for control against the Communists, or Bolsheviks. The Mensheviks, or "whites", still believed in a Socialist government, which severely taxes the rich and hardly taxes the poor, so the money can be redistributed among its citizens.

The Bolsheviks, or "Reds", however, believed that any type of Capitalistic activity should be eradicated completely. Thanks to the damned efforts of Lenin, he managed to sway the fickle populace to the Bolshevik side, and with a newly formed (but weak) army, they drove out the "whites" and established their so called "workers paradise" as the new government. Few actually knew what horrors Lenin and Stalin had in store for them. When Lenin died, Stalin and Trotsky (the "sword of the revolution") battled out for control. With the aid of two politicians who opposed Trotsky, Stalin took the reins of Communist Russia, and had the two killed.

Years later when Trotsky plotted to begin his own Communist revolution on the US in Mexico, Stalin had a Latino Soviet named "Mercader" to drive a ice-pick into Leon's skull.

Without the Mensheviks, Russia has been doomed for several decades before the USSR collapsed.
Mensheviks are better than the Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks are liars who steal what you have, and claim it is still "yours".
by Chang Tan February 10, 2004
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A term used to describe when a "underground" genre of musical expression has been fully embraced by the public media through aggressive advertising (aka MTV). Following this phase, the style begins to rapidly plummet in popularity while the ravenous leeches and posers choose to find a new fad to gnaw upon.

During the "Golden Years" of a mainstream topic, the genre recieves praise in record numbers, often represented by record numbers of identity-free morons with nothing to make themselves "stand out". It gains brief immortality during this phase, with not enough love, and not enough hate to dislodge it.

Only when the "haters" prevail in larger numbers in proportion to fans will the death sentence of a genre be finalized.
Rap music still hasn't died because for a decade, it has worked secretly to poison the urban population with wife-beating lyrics and brain-damaging rhythmes, making a permanantly imprint on the inner-city folk.

Very devilish plan indeed...
by Chang Tan May 15, 2005
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A urban male whose dreams of his future are waaaay off, and because of this and his lazy assed habits in school, he resorts to making multiple girlfriends dress up in hooker clothes and go out to the streets to "make money". The ladies get the HIV, and the pimp gets all the money. A fair trade indeed...
Being a proper pimp means you better keep your clients from disrespecting your "bitches". Otherwise, if you go easy on em, other pimps and even your "bitches" itself will try to fuck you over and take over your "pimpin terroritory".
by Chang Tan December 31, 2003
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