A word that is to be utilized for virtually any situation or context. The word is both a verb, an adjective, noun or pronoun or any other type of word it needs to be. Primarily Meant to be Pronounced with a British accent.
"What do you want me to do with this?"
"Just Plunkett!"

"Have you seen my Plunkett?"
by Goldencrispynuggets November 29, 2011
In the act of giving anal, the person shits all over your cock..
I was poundin this chicks ass, and she totally did a Plunkett on me!!
by DirtyJew69 June 10, 2010
An Irish term typically used to describe those who skillfully brew healing potions out of tree roots and snort excessive amounts of pixie dust. It is believed by many that such people are also capable of hypnotism, transfiguration, and dangerously explosive sex.
Damn, if I didn't know better I'd say that chick was a Plunkett.
by Linda Sniffles August 25, 2011
when you take a morning shit and the toilet water hits your asshole.
that plunkett this morning really woke me up
by flowerchild17 October 30, 2014
the act of water shooting back up your ass after dropping a huge log off in the bowl.
When explosive diahreah strikes, a plunkette can quickly extinguish that intense rectal burning.
by PDiddy October 27, 2004
a sexy indvidual, whose name sounds like a rock dropping into a bucket of water, found in ireland, USA, and anywhere else a sexy tominkle is
Omg did you just see plunkett?
by Scott John bo John August 15, 2005
He is the most backstabbing Person you will ever meet. You will fall in love with him. And then he will get quiet.
Ben plunkett is your math partner
Oh sorry
by Ydtvyvygubj February 23, 2020