See also Bum Crack and Plumber. In general, when you have a water leak and you call a plumber to check it out, they always show up, bend over and a portion of their crack can be seen above their beltline.
Ha ha. She bent over to give Carly a hug and she showed a plumber's crack.
by gammarock July 23, 2004
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the but crack that is visible when one is either crouching or sitting resembling a plumber fixing a toilet. Usually causes one to be grossed out unless your into that kind of stuff.
Steve-"Dude I'm about to puke from looking at that girls plumber's crack"
Josh-"I know man it's disgusting!"
Steve+Josh-"Pull up your pants!"
by BSTN STEVE June 11, 2009
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when someone wearing a uniform (in this case a plumber) bends over and his ass crack sticks out.
That guy has some major plumbers crack!
by Big Bad Bastard November 15, 2002
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A group of superior individuals that make up the team Krakow Plumbers Crack in Goallineblitz..known for their witty remarks in league forums and dotball dominance
Hey did ya see the Cobra Kai got their leg swept by the Plumbers Crack
by ROYALCHEDDAR February 7, 2010
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just another variant of many other "sucks......" insults when bagging out something.
I would say "this song sucks plumbers crack!"
by bread infection January 2, 2006
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when your ass crack is really high on your back
guy 1:how come katie isoms ass crack is showing even though shes not bending down
guy 2:its cause she has an abnormally high plumbers crack
by robbie janes September 5, 2010
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A plumber's crack usually all the way up they're back. Usually their name would be Sarah. Plumbs sewage and enjoys it.
Sarah has a plumber crack up her back
by Smrbitch1 February 19, 2017
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