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1. Getting too much pleasure from ripping a plaster (as in Band-Aid) off a wound and thus getting aroused, leading to the above word.

2. What occurs when a decorator gets bored/horny doing his job, then adding his "produce" to the mix of plaster that's going on the wall.
1. Ripping off the hair around my cut was such a good pain that I had to indulge in plasterbation.

2. After plastering half the room in Mrs. Smith's house, I got bored so I whacked off into the plaster tray in a fit of plasterbation. The walls might be a bit smelly in places.
by Avid WAS Fan July 25, 2009
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the action someone who is addicted to posting pictures of themselves on social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.
Sami: "Look at me in in the mall, and me at school, and me in the fountain, and..."
Charles: "You really have a plasterbation problem..."
by Stan the Goob January 24, 2012
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