A ballet dance move, meaning 'twirl' in French.

The ballerina is on pointe whilst on of her feet is in passe and she twirls. This move is commonly done in a Pas De Deux choreography.
"She looks so graceful in that pirouette."
by Naleigha September 21, 2013
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v.: to insert one's penis into another's coffee and then coax them into drinking it; often associated with the Nescafé. (see Nescafé)
Leonard's coffee hinted at a slight dish detergent taste; he had fallen victim to a Pirouette.
by Tom Zappacosta September 23, 2003
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The dance-like, once-around maneuver that is sometimes required when walking the dog, in order to keep the leash untangled and in the same hand.
I was out walking Miller this morning and every time he saw a squirrel I had to do a leash pirouette in order to keep from tripping over him.
by lefsehead June 10, 2009
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When A Man Or Woman Gets Cream-pied By At Least 5 People, Then Performs The Pirouette

Can Be Enhanced By Using A Tazer Close To The End Of The Pirouette.
Billy: Hey Sally, You Ever Try The "Moist Pirouette"?
Sally: No, But I've Heard It's Like Spinning With A Blanket On.
Jeff: You Guys Are Weird.
Billy & Sally: Shut Up Jeff.
by I’m A Transgender Pansexual December 15, 2020
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a small girlfriend performs ballet dancing and hugging
oh man, that girl has such a tight pirouetter body!
by sarahbrolin September 13, 2012
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Refers to da humorous "waist-grasp and reverse-direction-swing" action dat ya perform wif a hot chick while you're out strolling da beach/countryside wif her, and you realize dat either (1) it's getting late in da day and so ya wanna be sure of getting yer snuggle-bun "back home to her mama" before dark, or (2) one or both of you has chores/appointments dat you shouldn't be late for, or (3) you've already trekked quite a long way, and so you're concerned dat one or both of you might get weary/achy legs if you journeyed any farther and then hadda clomp all da way back again.
Whenever Tiffany and I are out for a walk, I always smilingly employ da playful pirouette pivot --- complete wif a chuckly-musical "B-d-d-d-d-d-d-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-u-h-h-m-m-p-p!" sound as I twirl her halfway around --- to help take da "sting" out of da fact dat we hafta start heading back again... sooooo much more pleasant dan simply saying, "Let's turn around now."
by QuacksO November 8, 2018
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