A sequal. A reference from the movie title "Hot Shots! Part Deux".
Challenge: You down for seein' The Ring Deux?
Response: Does Naomi Watts have a sweet ass?
by Eric Schneider May 13, 2005
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Canadian Asprin with a little bit of codeine in it ("just enough to give you that pop")

French literally meaning "two two two"
When I go to Canada, I always smuggle back some deux deux deuxs in the corners of my suitcase.

Chris Berman likes deux deux deuxs.
by Anon Ymous123 February 13, 2008
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the combination of a douche and a jew; a jewwie douche or a douchie jew. often said when meaning to call someone a jew but then "douche" starts to slip out. (thats why it sounds like
"dew"; jew+douche=dew=deux.
"Daniel is such a deux."

"Can you even believe i was friend with such a deux!?"

"For Stevi, Devan and I would/will cut off the deux's testicles... for stevi."
by Nickalicious October 23, 2007
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Used with humor, as a simple statement, in a conversation when you strongly disagree with the majority. Originally a French term used in psychiatry to describe a mental disorder in which two or more associated persons share the same delusion. In other words, you are saying "The two of you share the same delusion." Translated "madness between two."
Two others state "G. Dub is an excellent public speaker." In your disagreement, you respond with "Folie a deux!"
by Michael Moyer August 11, 2006
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A situation that is so ridiculous and cheap that is borders the edge of reality and believability.
Guy 1: "Dude did you hear that HolmB received a ticket going 60 in a 45 after the limit had just changed from 55?"
Guy 2: "That is Higgie-Deux for sure!"
Guy 1: "No doubt boo no doubt!"
by TheMackMan March 18, 2008
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Deep or soulful Intimacy between two people
Menage A Deux is Two Lovers Having Private And Passionate Sex
by guesswho1989 September 18, 2013
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