When an attending/resident/intern asks specific questions about medicine, to the point where the lower rank (usually med student) no longer can answer the question.
My attending is a jerk, he pimped me for about 30 minutes on kidney disease.


I got pimped on rounds today…damn I got to study more!
by Sig6 September 8, 2010
To get stood up by someone, or when someone doesn't go through with what they said they would do. A no-show.

"I flew all the way to California to stay with someone because they invited me, but they pimped me at the last minute."
by nightdancer342 October 24, 2008
To be totally and completely excited and psyched about an upcoming event
I'm just so pimped about that new My Chemical Romance album!!
by Catard September 12, 2010
a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part or all of their earnings
Jessica G. is a pimp
by notacactus December 31, 2015
A word that has many definitions in modern day American slang. Also refers to a ladies man with immaculate skills in the art of pulling women with the end result of having sex. Generally is someone who oozes with confidence, has a good sense of style and appearance, and most importantly has a way of using his words to initiate sexual relations with a female.
Damn, I swear Logan always gets with the best looking women. That dude is literally a pimp.
by Pimpsmith April 17, 2022
Partner In My Procreation ....an acronym that serves as an alternative to the term "baby mama". The term was the subject of a family court case in St. Mary's County, Maryland wherein two women testified as to their personal dissatisfaction with the plaintiff's usage of the term to describe their relationship. This ultimately resulted in a presentation in court of a comedy performance and a loss of custody.
I have two p.i.m.p.'s ..."Partner In My Procreation" ...I loath the term baby mama. Not unlike any other pimp, they hit me and I still give them money.
by Chesapeake Charlie December 26, 2022