A totally badass individual. One that puts concentrates on a goal and achieves it, not matter how many bitches he has to slap.
by Scruffy March 24, 2005
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Having pimp like qualities or traits. Up to the standards of a pimp.
That car has amazing pimpness.
by Tim Mears March 4, 2003
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one who brokers the sexual favors of women for profits
This little pimp went to the market. This little pimp went home. This little pimp sold five women. This little pimp sold none
by Bungalow Bill November 27, 2001
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A person who has the best girls. and the most bling-bling of anyone.
Tylep P is Pimping
by EN STVNS October 17, 2003
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The act of singling out one person of the group and testing their knowledge by asking them a series of intense, difficult questions in front of everyone.
Pimping the interns and medical students was a given during rounds.

"They know nothing of Natural Philosophy, these pin-heads. Drunkards, sloths, their bellies filled with Mead and Ale. O that I might see them pimped!"

William Harvey
by Johnny Browncoat July 30, 2006
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The people wearing the purple suits on street corners who use dirt poor women to get money. And later blowing it all on spinner's and gold lining for their three wheeled cycles.
Look at those pimps taking advantage of those homeless, middle aged women.
by LordDarik August 2, 2005
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the pragmatic solution arrived at in the final analysis by an economically challenged individual seeking an alternative to his (possibly her) own procurement by those higher in the food chain on the 'strip', (a readily available area of tarmac, with a ratio of persons to neon signs of 1:100 to be found in most populated areas.

Prerequisites include such skills as jive talking, fur stacking, trick management, prophylactic distribution, and the most problemized issue of collecting paper, which itself represents the genesis of the subject of the terminology described and defined herein.
the gentleman in question asserts that he was present at the said time and location, wearing a pink suit with a cane, alligator shoes and 5 boxes of Durex, with the intention of purchasing a can of coke. The defence finds the claim made, namely that the defendant was engaging in the act of 'pimping, to be thoroughly outrageous.
by Not Applicable December 14, 2004
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