A vaccuming romance, that draws you in. Usually one side of the relationship is using the other, and the used is so entwined in the romance that they never confront the user. Term made popular by emo and punk rock bands such as My Chemical Romance and The Used
The Used:
I must have caught something
In the heat of all these dances
I'm a worm with no more chances
And I've lost all doubt
In a chemical romance

"The Used- Take it Away"
by The All Knower July 19, 2005
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Relationship or encounters based mainly on a controlled substance. Popularized by emo music type artists.
I'm glad i got out of that chemical romance;
by mastadon75 March 6, 2005
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The act of getting strong feelings from My Chemical Romance. Chemically Romancing can include crying from sadness, feeling overly excited to listen to any MCR song, and wanting to murder someone when they dislike MCR or don't know who they are.
"My friend is Chemically Romancing so hard right now I think she will drown us with her tears."
by I'm not okay April 12, 2014
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Despite the negatives people attach on the band they've actually done a lot of good. MCR's music has one of the biggest and most devoted fan bases in the industry. I know, that weird girl or guy in your school who likes anime listens to them, so they must suck right? But don't judge a book by it's cover. Fact of the matter is, whenever I'm feeling depressed I'll listen to MCR. I've read countless internet posts from kids who are adament that MCR prevented them from cutting themselves, shooting up, and even killing themselves. Call them what you will but they're one of the few bands I've heard of in the past decade that can have such a profound affect on people.
Suicide hotlines should just have My Chemical Romance albums playing on repeat.
by aNormaNonEmoKid August 28, 2012
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