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Procreation is the reproduction of offspring by a sexual process or asexual process.

The vast majority of animal species (including humans) reproduce sexually but some reproduce asexually. In other words, procreation in the vast majority of animals is only possible when a male animal and a female animal come together to have sex. This is also known as breeding or mating.

Procreation is absolutely necessary for the vast majority of animal species to survive.

Animals that reproduce sexually, breed with members of the opposite sex due to a desire for sexual pleasure, love, and the need to propagate the next generation.

Heterosexual sex is the only kind of sex that can lead to sexual reproduction.
Procreation is essential to the survival of all mammals including Humans.
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by Always striving for Accuracy August 29, 2019
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What happens when ejaculation and ovulation occur without the aid of masturbation.
Procreation makes the world go round. So do muffins and Jeep's.
by Rale July 22, 2008
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Sexing someone of the opposite gender to make a baby.

Religious men who believe procreation is the purpose of marriage probably look at their wives as baby machines.

Procreation is one of the most common reasons people are homophobic.
Some people think that procreation is the purpose of marriage... that’s not true and honestly just stupid.
by garbeargao July 22, 2020
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