The act of painting one's toilet bowl with excrement from a vicious bowel movement. The resulting feces should usually be watery yet sticky enough to cling to the front, back, sides and sometimes the undercarriage of the bowl itself. The aforementioned splatter pattern created from the BM simulates the painting style of one Picasso for whom the name is obviously credited.

Can also be used in the context, "to Picasso", or "Picasso'd" for past tense usage.
"The toilet is my easel and I'm Picassoing a master piece thanks to Taco Bell!!!"

"I'm sorry man but I just totally Picasso'd you're toilet."

"Get the fuck out of the way, I'm about to Picasso."
by Master-Nate June 29, 2012
Get a willing party to give you head with skittles in there mouth. Just as you are about to spew your stomache pancakes... kick them in the gut. They will spray the contents of their mouth on you. Stick a paintbrush up your ass and sniff some model airplane glue.
I wined and dined my best friends grandma. She was so turned on by the fifth of Hennessey I fed her she wanted to go straight home and do the Picasso.
by FILTHYPIG October 8, 2006
A typically negative term describing a person who appears attractive from one angle, such as the back or side, but from another angle they do not look how you expected them to look. (a variation of Monet)

I thought that guy standing at the bar was really hot but when he turned around, he was a total Picasso.
by Gesso March 17, 2007
noun, verb: a spontaneous artistic impression via defecation applied to either a carpet surface or the inside of a toilet
stop feeding my dog jalapenos or else he'll have rendered a fine picasso come morning -or- i cant wait to picasso that european waterless toilet
by sol3rosenberg August 21, 2007
During oral sex given by a woman to a man.
At the moment of climax, the man pulls his penis from his partners mouth and, using his penis like a paintbrush, expresses himself all over the woman's face.
I got an idea when Mary was sucking my dick so I gave her a picasso. Turned out nice.
by kduell March 4, 2003
When a person, male or female appears to be attractive from far away but up close its all fucked up.
"WOW! That guy is a Picasso."

"I can't tell, I think she's a Picasso."


by Monick September 14, 2006
The rarely heard of 5th ninja turtle, that the turtles try to hide to avoid embarrassment. This turtle is mentally handicapped and severely disfigured.
Steve- "Johnny what the fuck was that?"
Johnny- "That was just Picasso, the 5th ninja turtle, dont be frightened hes harmless."
by batsoup August 17, 2009