How an anal retentive buttknocker might say the phrase, "no sweat".
{Scott}: Hey Aaron, can you move that board off the lawn please?
Aaron}: Sure Scott, no perspiration!
by Telephony March 13, 2022
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When a guy forgets to use deoderant and prematurely perspires in sweaty situations. The more concerned the guy is about the sweat, the more sweat he's going to generate. And if it happens once, it could happen again and again....
Steve: Dude I prematurely perspired watching this smokin chick lick an icecream...

Matt: Dude were you wearing deodarant?

Steve: It was bad dude, I hate premature perspiration.
by tigerslovepepper February 3, 2011
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A condition in which the human body perspires uncontrollably from consuming mass amounts of poultry.
Brandon thought he was safe from meat sweats by eating strictly chicken but he ended up coming down with a serious case of poultry perspiration.
by gschad August 2, 2011
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Exessive sweating, especially from one's hands.
Mort wiped his hands on the desk and left a puddle of sweat behind, leaving him diagnoses with perspiration fibrosis.
by Studular January 27, 2023
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busting a nut in a girls careful of the flaky white residue..
When the polish girl at the pub is sweating too much, take her to the bathroom and give her your anti-perspirant
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Working so hard at an internship at a church that you start to persipre.
I had a lot of church perspiration today because I worked really hard at my internship
by interns.anonymous September 15, 2011
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The act of supplying McDonald's with the white sauce from your armpits. Classic symptoms are excessively wearing white T-shirts and people avoiding you when you lift your armpits. Also Mayonnaise Perspiring Syndrome or MPD/MPS.
Dude 1: That guy in front of us has Mayonnaise Perspiring Disease !

Dude 2: How do you know?

Dude 1: He's wearing a white T-shirt everyday.
by PikachuKnowsSurf December 31, 2010
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