The seemingly permanent smile that someone has after spending time with someone that they are very fond of, or doing something that they enjoy.
Kathi leaves work everyday with a Perma-grin. She must really love her job!

Look at the Prema-Grin that Christina is wearing this morning! I wonder who she was with last night?

by AnthonyOhio August 02, 2007
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to be constantly grining.usually from the affects of acid, LSD.
Man he's tripping so bad he got permagrin
by turbo October 08, 2003
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a "permanent grin" which one can only achieve through being in a totally different dimension (usually through use of peyote, lsd, and is definitely popular with shrooms)
guy1: so herd everyone went trippin this weekend, how was it?
guy2: it was great, everyone was real chill, paul's dumbass had a stupid perma grin that he couldnt wipe off and he didnt say shit the whole time. Hes such a sleezebag.
by Mac Linton June 24, 2005
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a smile that never fades; a huge happy face all the time no matter what
That young lady has got a perma-grin on her that no one could possibly resist -- no one.
by tik-tiki August 30, 2008
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It's the " permanent grin " you receive when you're stoned.
" Man, my cheeks are sore. I had a perma-grin for about an hour. "
by GOES OUT TO WILL GREGG! March 25, 2008
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the 8+ hour long visage of transcendental amusement that accompanies psychedelic experiences, namely LSD and shroom trips.
"Dude, its kicking in. You've got the perma-grin!"
"You too man. Oh shit. Look at my hands...."
by twamp November 14, 2003
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An automatic and irremovable smile that appears on the face of people who are thoroughly intoxicated with some narcotic; usually marijuana, hashish, mushrooms, or lsd. Can be found in other cases such as on television morning news anchors, beauty pageant contestants, pop queens, and mental patients.
"Look at Greg! Dude has Perma-grin! That must be some good shit!"
by Tam Tam in the Bay November 18, 2005
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