A woman that suddenly appears and is so gorgeous that she's a cross between a vision and a mirage.
That woman is a visage.
I've just seen a visage.
by TShoulders December 5, 2010
A person who's ass tend to resemble their face.

A face resembling a sphincter
Look at that guy, he is a total Visage.
by G pro 2 November 12, 2009
Michelle visage is a big tittied guest judge on rdpr-Rupaul's closest friend and did I mention track 9 of the bodyguard album?
"You know Michelle visage?"
"Michelle who"
"Bodyguard album track 9 hunty"
by DragRaceBitch July 9, 2017
When you can excuse a girl's bum because of her face (excuse the lack of bum) or the good physique over the face
Nah fam She ain't got that big back but I excuse it's The visage effect you get me
by the word connoisseur May 31, 2017
Michelle Visage, the most amazing person ever! Talented , beautiful, stunning! A mother to all the gays!!🏳️ 🌈
Did you hear about Michelle Visage’s new show it’s amazing like she is
by Michelle Visage fan!! June 26, 2020
A sex act where you pee on a women’s large breasts, based off of the judge from rupauls drag race Michelle Visage. The term was created from the YouTube channel @moviebitches
“Her tits were so nice I had to pull a golden visage
by Lilblue666 November 18, 2017
Any form of imparting or exchanging of information or news; means of sending or receiving information from an individuals face; nonverbal face reactions/acting. Can include mental instant transmission, mental flight patterns, sequences, etc by stimulatory effects from an individual's face and their or another's y-user/identifier.
Example 1: Her communication visage told me my destiny was to work at a nearby business.

Example 2: Dude, that communication visage from that y-user/pneuma/spirit/god that was on his face was freaking vexatious.

Example 3: The orators communication visage was astounding. I got so much divine information from this luminary.
by Knighthawkmason July 25, 2021