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A bastardization of "nigga", but said in a sharper tone.
Yous mah numba won nyukka.

Sup mah nyukka.
by Turbo September 08, 2003

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Dream car for criminals. Good for running away from the police.
The bank robbers lost the police in a stolen M5.
by turbo March 07, 2004

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to be constantly grining.usually from the affects of acid, LSD.
Man he's tripping so bad he got permagrin
by turbo October 08, 2003

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The fusion of two words – Car and Panorama – formed Carnorama, which signifies Automotive Views. Originated from the free online automotive community www.carnorama.com
What's your carnorama in regard to oil shortage?
by Turbo May 18, 2004

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annoying use of caps lock on the internet
doing a frankydb = DOING A FRANKYBD
by turbo February 03, 2004

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A horrid cough made after smoking weed.
Brandon always deaths sneezes when I'm around
by turbo October 29, 2003

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White rapper. G-rabbit wannabe.
- Whats up Gera ?
= Yo, I'm in my drop top crusing the block, lamborgini doors in da es-ca-lade.
by Turbo February 24, 2005

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