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a smile that never fades; a huge happy face all the time no matter what
That young lady has got a perma-grin on her that no one could possibly resist -- no one.
by tik-tiki August 30, 2008

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too be so hopeful and positive and open to new ideas that you are almost considered ridiculous.
I wonder if Obama isn't just a tad too hopen' minded. Is he really realistic enough about what would lie ahead if he's elected?
by tik-tiki August 30, 2008

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a woman or girl who spends too much time online, forgetting other important things like family and friends; an unhealthy cyber-addiction in the female species.
Don't even try to ask Modemoiselle what's for dinner tonight...she's too busy on the computer "looking up eggplant recipes."

Modemoiselle isn't coming tonight, she's got a date with her computer...
by tik-tiki August 29, 2008

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to be scolded or harshly criticized by other users in a chat room or comment space on the internet
His word entry received great cyberation due to its sexist innuendos.
by tik-tiki September 03, 2008

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one who dabbles in many religions
By middle age, she'd been through every nook and cranny of Asia and had turned into a real cross-blesser.
by tik-tiki July 17, 2008

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