A pink loving dizty big boobed chick with no ass.
love yah pep
Jesus look at the tits on that chick, she has to be a pepto!
by dirtylitany July 11, 2008
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anything innocuous and curative
Don't worry about valerian - it's completely Pepto.
by Victoria December 10, 2003
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pepto as in pepto bismal, the pink drink used to aid in stomach discomfort. usually used in turn with the phrase belly breakdown. Refer to belly breakdown to understand why the phrase “pepto” is used.
Tyler: She been cheating on me this whole time
Sean: Mdf belly breakdown 🤣🤣 get the fcking pepto
by babybri 😎 January 12, 2021
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someone who has the runs all the time so they're always using up all your pepto bismol.
Dude you're such a pepto klepto stop eating so much spicy mexican food and you wouldn't have to use all my pepto bismol.
by ravencrow neversmiles April 14, 2011
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A Pepto-Bismol taken prior to a date, party, or other important social function in order to prevent any bowel-related mishaps during the event.
1. I wish I hadn't had Panda Express for lunch. I need a Precautionary Pepto before I hang out with Bridget or else I'm gonna get the runs.
by headofblackmusic June 26, 2011
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n: The pink gooey substance that leaks out of a menstruating woman after you spunk in her junk.
Shit baby, grab a towel, you are dripping pepto jizmol all over the carpet
by SkoalReaver November 29, 2010
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Similar to Pepto Bismol, Pepto Diarrhea is for those people who have abnormally liquidy diarrhea
Friend: Man Brooke, you seem like you need some Pepto Diarrhea
Brooke: I know:( I ordered some last night
by russianprincesso1 November 13, 2019
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