15 definitions by Yelsew Foolface

An bullemic's pasttime
Jessica: Hey Jill, wanna go throw up?
Jill: Where's the toilet?
Jessica: Who needs a toilet?! *throws up on the jill*
by Yelsew Foolface May 12, 2005
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Toilet: hey, you, girl with eating disorder! Gove me food. *opens girl's stomach. eats toilet food*
by Yelsew Foolface May 13, 2005
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Programmer1: Hey, why are you using visual basic
Programmer2: Because i'm a mindless zombie and Bill Gates is my master. NEVER QUESTION BILL!!!!
*Programmer 2 stuffs computer down Programmer 1's throat*
by Yelsew Foolface April 05, 2005
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The best game show (next to Price is Right) in the world. What's better than spinning a wheel to win money?
Contestant: I'd like to solve the puzzle: Supercalifragelistcexpialidocious
by Yelsew Foolface April 12, 2005
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An American Idol who should:
(1) Not be allowed to announce commercial breaks
(2) Not wear shoes to her performances
(1)Ryan Seacrest: "We'll announce who's cut..." (hands mic to fantasia)
Fantasia: "after the commercial... the break and all that good stuff"
(2) "I broke my shoe!"
by Yelsew Foolface April 06, 2005
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a cool usually lemon- flavored drink.
Dude1: Hey, dude, would you like some Ice-T
Dude2: Sure, pour it down my ass.
by Yelsew Foolface April 12, 2005
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