a word which gives an object liquid qualities
"ohm ohm liquidy chicken goodness"
by Ste September 14, 2003
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An Adjective,something that was a gel,or solid that is now a liquid,or almost liquid.
My sister put water in my favorite body wash,and now it's all liquidy.
by luckyblue_e December 28, 2006
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(Adjective) Li-cwidy-is or Lick-widy-es large concentration of wetness/moisture/lubrication; Smooth, or something that moves smoothly;
A conversation or topic involving something very wet or smooth: "Wow, that dismount was liquidious!"
"Bobby found Sally to be quite liquidious"
by The_Awesomest January 16, 2008
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an adjective used to describe an object, item, or substance that embodies fluid like consistency.
“These KFC mashed potatoes are liquidy AF”
by Khal Mara September 24, 2020
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Band from The Woodlands, TX which released "Deep Blue Sea" in September 2007. New age fusion of musical genres.
Liquidious performs live in and around Houston, Texas
by Dave Hanlin March 30, 2008
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When your poop is like a chocolate milkshake and slides with very much ease out of the anus.
"I can't have any more milkshakes from steak n shake because I've had liquidy dooks for a week now."
by Treyfus June 21, 2005
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