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someone who has the runs all the time so they're always using up all your pepto bismol.
Dude you're such a pepto klepto stop eating so much spicy mexican food and you wouldn't have to use all my pepto bismol.
by ravencrow neversmiles April 14, 2011

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A suburb of denver colorado easily the shittiest city in colorado it's ugly and everyone is dirt poor and extremely rude
wow wheatridge really sucks i can't believe you got pulled over by the same cop three times this week.
by ravencrow neversmiles March 20, 2011

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What a crystal meth dealer refers to his dope fiend customers.
Hey man I really need some shards pronto! Dealer says patience my little shard monkey I'm on my way!
by ravencrow neversmiles July 15, 2014

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Short for turd cutter which is a butt or booty
We saw a cute girl with a nice butt and my friend said, damn! Nice cutter.
by ravencrow neversmiles November 08, 2015

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