To disappear when needed, but to have tunnel vision when trying to avoid conflict.

Especially on League of Legends.
Person M: I need a heal! where's our healer?!
Person D: DUDE, HE PEP'D US.
Person M: Dammit pep..
by h0wam1s0g0dly October 03, 2011
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The extremely large nipple located on the chest. also refered to as pepperoni nipples.
That guys got PEPS!!!!
by EvvsaucE July 02, 2004
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Any hermaphrodite co-worker of Cuban descent who portrays a heterosexual lifestyle, but lives with cats and claims that Miatas are muscle cars.
Yesterday, Pep asked me to stroke his rod, but I declined.
by Istop4cameltoe November 07, 2003
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Patrick, get down, what are doing up there? Patrick, come to pep-pep!
by Red Skeffington January 26, 2008
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Any father, add prefixes like grand pep for grandfather or step pep for step dad, or grand step pepper depper for your great grand step dad. (the -er denotes respect)
My Pep Pep has the softest lap.
by Squigglies Peterson March 05, 2009
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