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1. A PSX game starring the titular character Pepsi Man.
2. A Japanese male who dresses up in a silver/blue costume with a Pepsi logo on his chest. He rocks a gold chain.

Pepsi Man himself is an advertisement for the stereotypical obese American embodied in human form. His adventures can be best described as an acid trip that marvels even the most dedicated of shroom enthusiasts. His legendary exploits include delivering his pure unsaturated street fluids to millions of children worldwide, infiltrating a rogue Pepsi factory, and snowboarding on city streets whilst being chased by a truck in broad daylight before it was cool!
(The latter example even inspired the iconic ‘City Escape’ from SA2).
In recent years, Pepsi Man has increasingly become an infamous phenomenon in meme culture and continues to be a disappointment in gaming history, leaving such a ridiculous mark on the industry to the point that Pepsi Man is so bad, that it’s deliciously good.
Child 1: Vro I just got a free Pepsi from Pepsi Man. He ran up to me while I was thirsty, unzipped his pants, and wiggled out a fresh can of Pepsi! You want some? It’s pretty warm.
Child 2: ...I’ll stick to Dr Pepper.
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by _XxXPISTACIØNXxX_ May 27, 2018
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A really weird black kid who dances in circles around his friends, literally, who look at him like he's a retard, seen in a preview before the VHS movie "Home Alone".
The Pepsi Man is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.
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An urban legend.
If you drink a Pepsi and talk about the Pepsi Man he may appear.
The Pepsi Man is a dog.
Man! This Pepsi sure is good! I wish the Pepsi Man could take a sip. *Pepsi Man appears out of dust and drinks all the Pepsi.
by Popo11251 February 05, 2017
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A man that only drinks cheap ass drinks and cooldrink.
"You're such a PepsiMan Jarred."
"Buy some Vodka for once,and stop being a PepsiMan."
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by Chipys November 21, 2018
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