an acid trip is what happens when ur on acid. that whole period of time when u dont know what the fuck is happening, hallucinations, etc...
"dude I had a serrious acid trip the other day"
by ben5000 June 4, 2007
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When you are dazed and just plane zoned out. You can becomed this way if you are either stoned or if you are confused or bored.
1)Math class was so borring that it sent me on an acid trip.

2)Extacy sends me on one hell of an acid trip.
by Kevin Clark October 31, 2007
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When you are walking and there is acid in the way and you trip
by Itssean April 11, 2016
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A mixture of vulgarity from the horrorcore genre, with a hint of industrial melody that would confinde more interesting to the mind/minds of emotionally unstable/entoxicated individuals. With the simulation of an Acid trip along with the "blood and gore" endused thought provoking lyrics this makes Acid Trip-Hop a complex and hard to understand sub-genre of Death Rap. One of the most known Acid Trip Hop artists is ChadWicked, who claims to have invented the genre. (this is not a promotional definiton, just saying). Acid trip hop is a very contrevesial style which contains figmits discribing illusion, revovles heavily on death, murder, cannibalisim, drugs, violence, tripping, paranoia, and depression. Not one of the most populare sub-genres in hip hop culture, but is said to be the future of him hop music.
Damn man, you hear that new Acid Trip-hop shit? that shit scared the fuck outta me when i was high
by Jefferyghost2323232 May 14, 2009
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The Woodstock Generation’s answer to the Jitterbug Flip Phone, also remarkably easy to use, even when stoned or cognitively impaired.
We got our Dad an Acid Trip Flip Phone; he’ll probably still be using it when he’s down to one functional dendrite.
by Dr Bunnygirl September 15, 2019
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