small chickens that go PEEP PEEP that live on Patrick's farm in farmsville, Darien. Jose the cowhand feeds them and collects their eggs for breakfast.
Jose: How are the peep peeps doing after the cowboys and rebs raided your farm last week?
by MA March 5, 2003
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Looked at.
“I shoulda peeped your profile before sliding in your DM’s”

Peep this
by §Anonymous§ March 15, 2021
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to look at; to listen to
"hey yo, peep this porn"
"jiggaboo, peep this story"
by christhea August 8, 2004
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Marshmallow candies in the shape of rabbits and baby chickens. Usually served around Easter. Also short for "people".
I'm audi this sunday to chill with some peeps.
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
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To gaze at someone who you find physically attractive.
Courtney was peeping at this chocolate dude with dreadlocks; he was so fine.
by SuperJD January 16, 2017
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