Nickname for a person who loves sweet potato pie, per Bob's Burgers
Louise: Why is your name Marshmallow?
Marshmallow: 'Cause if you show me a sweet potato pie, I am on top of it.
Louise: I knew it!
by America Lover 🇺🇸 November 17, 2018
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The manliest food in the world.

It's squishy. Often white.

Contains sugar and gelatin.

Tastes like heaven.

Used for the game "Chubby Bunny"
Mats: I like to eat marshmallows.

Lisa: Geez, you're so manly.

Xavier: Hey, wanna play Chubby Bunny?
Shay: Sure, I'll go get the marshmallows.
by awkward palm tree July 18, 2012
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A person, or character in a movie, novel or video game, who is full of hot air and/or is weak.
Person A: John's a real marshmallow

Person B: You mean he is a confectionery treat?

Person A: Nah. He is full of hot air and so weak, one hit is all it takes to bring him down.
by Alexander Drummond January 22, 2016
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Is also a statment that is said when it's allllllll GOOD!
(whats her face) said she would go out with me, I got an A on my test, and my parents are buying me a car. (sigh) Marshmallow!
by SuperDew October 15, 2004
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A term of derision used by police officers patrolling Williamsburg, Brooklyn (mainly the 94th precinct) for the bohemian or "hipster" interlopers/residents. Related to the fact that they are stereotypically both white and soft.
"police radio crackles": "Car 32, we need you at 242 south forth to break up a party...lotsa complaints"
"Care 32": "Probly justa buncha fuckin' marshmallows!"
by TheChicken December 6, 2009
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A kiss on the lips. Can range anywhere from chaste to full on making-out. Can be used as both a noun and a verb.
Bryce: "Did you marshmallow him last night?"

Sarah: "Of course. Mike's marshmallows are amazing."
by Fallen Rose May 25, 2011
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