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To beat up a male, and totally knock him out.
by MA March 15, 2005
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Mostly native to Philadelphia and surrounding areas, this species survives on afterhours bars, Urban Outfitters and Puma clothing, Open SPARKS bars, and the rare partytrainanthem dance beats. The term 'soldier' is utilized to keep away non-rad-party-poopers. Easily spotted in coffeeshops, vintage stores, and record stores, provided they think they have a good haircut.
"omigod, that DJ is so rad... he's a true party train soldier"
by MA January 28, 2005
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a word used when you have nothing else to say
your mom
also a very yummy food!
person 1 "i'm bored"
person 2 "peanut butter"
by MA January 2, 2005
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small chickens that go PEEP PEEP that live on Patrick's farm in farmsville, Darien. Jose the cowhand feeds them and collects their eggs for breakfast.
Jose: How are the peep peeps doing after the cowboys and rebs raided your farm last week?
by MA March 5, 2003
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One fine azz nigga who be ill azz fuck
by MA July 21, 2004
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