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Hinted at. The slang term was started by Drake in ‘Only’
Drake: “I’ve been peeped that you like me
by Flawess_babee July 16, 2018
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The attack of sexual assault with a penguin. It may also be committed with BY a penguin.
Be careful, that penguins got a lusty look in his eye, you don't wanna get peeped.
by Linus Cole May 30, 2008
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When a girl sits down to take a piss and ends up having to take a shit
My buddies girlfriend asked me if she could use my bathroom to take a pee, i went in to use it next and that bitch peeped
by birdshat November 30, 2009
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The origin of this word started when the legend lil peeped died from laced zanyax. It means when you die or get seriously injured from laces drugs.
joey got peeped, hes in the hospital now!
by friedchicken894 March 09, 2018
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