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Check this out, look here, see this. Often used in a situation concerning something considered awesome. Also a skateboard stereotype slang word. It is most often used by guys. It can also be used concerning a pretty girl, as seen in example two.
Example 1:

A: Hey dude! C'mere!
B: (Walks over) Yeah?
A: Check this! I just learned it from Matt.
B: 'Kay. Show me.
A: (does some sort of cool skateboard trick)
B: Awesome, dude! Teach me!

Example 2:

B: Hey, c'mere!
A: What? (walks over)
B: Look over there.
A: ?
B: Follow me!
A: Alright...
B: (Walks a short distance)
A: Huh?
B: Check this... (points to a group of girls)
A: Ooooh! :) Yum!
by InsanityisSexy:) May 24, 2011
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