"I can't help you right now, I've just had a pedi."
by Sarah Potter January 17, 2008
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Opposite of Pedo. A younger women pursing a much older gentlemen.
Yo, you see that? She's dating someone 3 years old, older than her! She's a pedi!
by Maphew404 January 16, 2019
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1) An extremely hot man, one that radiates beauty every time he enters an area.

2) A man who's academic prowess draws parallels with the titans, "Phat" and "A-Hops", and someone who even challenges their existance at the top of the UAI charts

3) A man who excels in sports, namely Basketball, who can severe the ties of the "boyfriend play", a force so unstoppable that only he can overcome. (Also a man who loves getting blocked)

Man: Damn, look at that Pedy.
Woman: I'd hit that...Wait no. I would tear that ass up.

(The next is an example shows off his auditory prowress, showing no mercy to fools that dare challenge him academically)

Pedy: Hey Doog, remember how you said that if you get below 90 in a subject you would drop it?
Doog: Yeah?
Pedy: Are you going to drop out of school then?

by Azafat October 7, 2008
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A person over 18 who over enjoys being with persons under 18. pedophile
Similar to No Homo
John: Mark needs to stop hanging with them 9th graders
Peter: Yeah man, no pedi
by Rebecca C August 6, 2007
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short for pedafile (adult who acts on their sexual attraction to children under 18)
by Sammerra June 23, 2017
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Bad pedicure, ugly toe nails
Wow did you see Tina's feet looks like she had a Pedi Kruger
by Paul70 May 20, 2015
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