treating female feet like the godly things they are
every week i pedicure geamma's tiny feet, this involves, filing, painting etc, i love giving her peds a good ped as i smell her toes as i work
by gemma's foot slave April 21, 2005
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Traditionally, when a female takes care of her feet. Specifically, this would involve the clipping and painting of the toenails.
Samantha has a pedicure!
by Seth January 31, 2004
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The care and attention a female (or male) can/or regularly give to their feet in order to not scare others when wearing sandals, ripping sheets during sex, or to relax and pamper themselves or others. This can also be done in a spa or nail salon for a fee.

The Pedicure consists of:
1. Foot Soak
2. Foot Scrub/File/Pumice Stone
3. Cuticule Work
4. Dry, Massage Foot
5. Polish and/or Nail Art
You: Girrrl.. just got my toes done!
Friend: Me too! Now we wont scare people away anymore!!


You: Baby, I got a surprise for you..
Your Man: Oh really? I hope it's a pedicure, your feet ripped my sheets last week!

pedi, feet, pamper, relax
by tea shop poet August 5, 2009
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Gods gift to females. A cult classic for relaxation, usually done by asians.
Shelby: What could we do to bond and relax?

Maddie: I need a pedicure!
by TheCrazyMaddie July 21, 2011
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The act of pretty-ing up your feet in anticipation of hooking up with a hottie that will hopefully rub your feet.
MA: Hey-- wanna go to the mall?

K: Yeah, i need some new kicks after i go pedicuring. I'm hooking up with that rockin' hottie i met in Econ 101.
by mollygoodhead February 10, 2010
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Prior to intercourse the male ensures that their partner’s sock is nearby. before busting, they will insert the penis into partner’s sock and cum into it. Then they will gently and calmly put down the sock and wait for their partner to redress. Unbeknownst to them, one of their socks is filled with semen. This is how to give someone the pedicure.
I gave her the pedicure yesterday, she had no idea.
by shapedamoeba May 31, 2020
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A sexual manoeuvre where a man inserts his penis between a woman's big toe and index toe and thrusts repeatedly, not unlike hot dogging or thigh sex. Typically performed by foot fetishists.
I gave this girl a Persian pedicure last night, it was sick.
by Lintowl April 2, 2020
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