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A phrase you say when you see a girl really attractive, and that you would have intercourse with her if the oppurtunity presented itself.
"Wow, did you see that girl over there?"
"I'd Hit that."
"Same Here."
by MichealBluth December 28, 2005
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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The statement one makes when one sees a burning beacon of raw sexuality or other similarly attractive object to which they would gladly administer a sound fucking.
*fine piece of ass walks by*

Slavering horny adolescent male 1: I'd hit that.

SHAM 2: I'd hit that like the fist of an angry god.

SHAM 3: I'd hit that so hard, whoever could pull me out would be the king of England.

SHAM 4: I'd hit that... with a stick.

SHAM 1-3: *glare*
by The God-Emperor April 11, 2008
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Phrase used mainly by guys meaning that they'd want to have sex with the person(usually a girl) they're refering to.

See: I'd tap that.
Oh man, look at Donna! I'd hit that.
by Mr. Angel October 25, 2006
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when a man says that he would: hit*,spank*,bang*, or get with a girl; after being asked by another man if he would.

*refers to ass
"Hey look at Trisha, would you hit that?" "Ya id hit that!"
by LGHSFOOTBALL November 09, 2007
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When a guy thinks a girl is physically attractive and he would fuck her.
Person #1: Yo dawg, look at that g over there, she's safe, I'd hit that. Would you?
Person #2: Yeah, I would.
by LILR2 February 06, 2008
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A phrase used to express satisfaction with the quality of the blackjack hand of another person. Often used to suggest that the player should add another card.
"Damn, you got an 11? I'd hit that!"
by BennyNYC September 06, 2011
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