A term used to describe a person with which one has a mutual affection. Often used in place of the term "bro".

May also be used as a derogatory term in order to belittle one's opponent, similar in use to the term "Newb".
"Eyy, Doog! Wuz gud?"

"git gud, doog. Ya freakin' newb.."
by Heavensfury January 25, 2017
It's like Dude and Dog mixed together, derived from Doogie Howsers' name. First coined by the band Sailing With Ghosts.
Guy 1- Hey, what's up!?
Guy 2-Nothing Doog! How about you?
Guy 1- What the hell?
by TheDeadPirate August 18, 2010
To masturbate. Specifically refers to male masturbation. This usage gained popularity at universities in the midwest.
Hawk: Hey man whatcha doin?
Crab: Woah man close the door im doogin in here
Hawk: oh sorry man...need a hand?
Crab: No. get the fuck out, I can doog on my own faggot.
Hawk: chill dude, i thought we could have a doog off or something...
by Srgnt Phggot March 19, 2013
First coined by Caleb, it can mean anything from "Fucker" to "beautiful"
Rarely used outside of the Steam chat, Dedric uses it to insult Joker's mum.
You're a Doog.
Dude, that girl has such a Doog ass.
This needs more Doog.
by Dedric November 26, 2013